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Stripper free bucks party ideas from Reddit

Bucks parties have a reputation of bring all about strippers and boobs. While this might be the preferred style for some bucks parties, it’s just not the way everyone wants to roll into the world of marriage-hood. Here are some great ideas for a stripper free bucks party from the crazy crew at Reddit.

Build the buck a stripper free bucks party man cave

A man only man cave makes a great stripper free bucks party (source: Flickr/Albert Leung)
A man only man cave makes a great stripper free bucks party (source: Flickr/Albert Leung)

So, we thought we’d start of with a nice and easy one… You might need to brush up on your carpentry skills and hire a warehouse to bring this stripper free bucks party to life… or find a function room with a very liberal decorations policy!

Get a space big enough for about all guys, a projector, a kegs and bar, and a BBQ, smoke machine. I’m thinking man cave theme: mario kart, drinking games, pin up posters, waitresses and BBQ, booze etc.

(Source: reddit/falcorules)

Just a friendly police beat down

Use random opportunism and watch the stripper free bucks party come to life before your eyes…

We made our buck dress in a white shirt that labelled him as “the buck” and that we had written “tasks” for him to perform on. Things like “have a photo taken with ‘the law'”, or “say something on a mic”. There were about 10-15 tasks.

By the end of the night (walking around Melbourne), we had talked some friendly cops into “putting a beating” on him (some awesome photos, cops and the buck smiling), gotten him free burgers at Maccas, more lipstick and phone numbers on his shirt from dressed-to-kill girls (the non-hooker types that any sane single man would try to pick up), had him introduce a band that was playing in a pub… top night. Public transport all the way — all up was about $100 each, but there was a buttload of piss, some solid food, any entertainment, and that included the cab fare home.

No strippers, and a terrific night of bloke bonding.

(Source: reddit/salmonswimmingdown)

Super kicks all round

A wrestler theme makes a stripper free bucks party a real smack down (source: publicdomainpictures/Lee Wag)
A wrestler theme makes a stripper free bucks party a real smack down (source: publicdomainpictures/Lee Wag)

Smack down to make that stripper free bucks party just happen.

Wreddit, at the end of October I’m getting married and have to plan a bachelor/stag party. However, here in Australia we call them bucks parties, so I’ve decided to mix my love for wordplay and wrestling and throw a Young Bucks party!

The agenda so far is light on. I’m trying to work in a group wrestling lesson with a local promotion. I’m also trying to organise the party on the same night as a show. The other thought was to hire out a room at a bar with a big TV and put some awesome matches on if we can’t go see it live.

I’ve also come up with a few rules for attending: 1. You must dress as a wrestler 2. You must stay in character when talking to anyone not apart of the bucks night 3. At any point if the buck requests a ‘Too Sweet’ you must oblige. 4. You must superkick at least one other attendee of the party.

(Source: reddit/jamesnuge)

Row row row your boat

Kick back and see where the gentle waters take the buck and his crew on the stripper free bucks party idea.

Been to quite a few in the last couple years, paintball, go karts.. Apartment in the gc. Strippers etc.. One of the more fun activities I’ve done though was hiring one of those slow moving boat / pontoon things on the Noosa river. You can just cruise up the river for a couple hours with the BBQ on the back and an eski full of brews. Stop off on random sand banks for a swim etc.

(Source: reddit/xenzor)

That’s a bit racy

As seen on TV to keep your a stripper free bucks party.

My mate had an amazing race around Melbourne CBD, we had different challenges like busking on bourke st, eating “crazy wings” and sculling beer at different places but we couldn’t take a taxi to get to our destinations and it was raining :/ but it was a great fun!

(Source: reddit/Bagheera12)

Up, down, round and around

Keep the action pumping and it’ll be a stripper free bucks party without even trying!

This is what my mates did for me two weeks ago for my Bucks:

Took me to Glenworth Valley for quad biking and abseiling. Took me to Cecil Park for Hitting Targets clay pigeon shooting. Took me to Penrith for iFly indoor skydiving.

It was the best weekend ever. Just what I wanted. We all enjoyed it.

(Source: reddit/Corsiero)

Crawling nerf war

A stripper free bucks party isn’t hell… war is hell…

For my friends bucks night we went axe throwing at a place in St Peters. It was awesome. Followed up with dinner and a pub crawl in the city. Finished with a nerf gun battle at the Darling Harbour playground and scotch.

(Source: reddit/Cheskaz)


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