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Super Causer to the rescue

'Team Commando' at Causer's Bucks Party
'Team Commando' at Causer's Bucks Party

What’d you do:

Paintball, house party

What’d it cost per head:

About $100


Canberra, ACT


Paintball Sports, Fairbairn ACT

Causer's red super suit helped him to blend into his surrounds
Causer's red super suit helped him to blend into his surrounds

The story

Take an average, everyday bloke, dress him in tights and a cape and put a sequin ‘C’ on his chest and you have the making for a super hero bucks party to end all super hero bucks parties.

Having a modest upbringing in a quiet suburb of Canberra, Causer’s a pretty unassuming guy. He never really likes to be centre of attention or cause trouble for anyone, so no one on the bucks party really had any beefs to settle with him. Shame really, because that makes it pretty hard to justify the shenanigans we put him through.

Note here that Causer made a specific request for no scantily clad, jubbly boobed, sexy women to take their clothes off at his bucks party. Begrudgingly, we all complied with this… well, as best we could that is… after all, it was a bucks party 😉

We kicked off the bucks party with a round of paint ball. An important element of the paintball activities was setting up three teams – Team A, Team B and Team Buck. Team Buck was a team of one, making sure that neither Team A nor Team B were disadvantaged by having the buck on their team.

This just spelled danger for poor Causer who was pelted by pellets all day long. Add to that everyone else being dresses in camo and Causer in his red and gold super hero outfit meant the buck was a sitting duck all day long and he had the welts to prove it!!

After paintball, we all went back to a mates place with a pool and pinball machines for a night of beer-bongs and party games.

Beer bongs and party games all night long at Causer's House Bucks Party
Beer bongs and party games all night long at Causer's House Bucks Party

Now, recall Causer’s request for no ‘strippers’??? Well, we respected his wishes as best we could, but, like I said, it’s a bucks party!!!

Before the party, everyone drew straws to see who would be the evening’s entertainment. The lucky performer will remain nameless, but needless to say Causer wished he hadn’t made the ‘no jubbly boobed stripper’ request as he was handcuffed to a chair and the hairy legged, back, chest and armed performer edged his way into the room, all lathered up in coconut oil.

Truly an experience that EVERYONE will never forget and will no doubt be the source of Causer’s mid-life crisis counselling.

After that we pulled out the beer bong to wash the horrible visions of the man-stripper out of our memories (unfortunately, it didn’t), but we had fun trying!!

All in all, a great day out with the fellas and a night of fun.


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