The Hangover II (2011)

It’s two years after the escapades in Las Vegas, and the Wolf pack is headed to Thailand to celebrate Stu’s impending nuptials… joined, much to Allan’s disgust, by Stu’s soon-to-be-younger brother-in-law, Teddy.

In the second installation of the Hangover trilogy, At the end of the pre-wedding dinner, Stu hesitantly joins Phil, Doug, Alan and Teddy for a beer. Sitting at a campfire and roasting marshmallows, the group toast to Stu and Lauren’s future happiness. The next morning, Phil, Stu and Alan, along with flamboyant gangster Leslie Chow—whom Alan befriended after Las Vegas—and a chain-smoking capuchin monkey, awaken in a dirty hotel room in Bangkok.



To have a Hangover II style bucks party:

  • Go to Thailand
  • Get drugged on ADHD medication
  • Lose the buck’s soon-to-be little brother-in-law
  • Get a Mike-Tyson style face tattoo
  • Take possession of a wheelchair bound monk
  • start a fight that escalates into a riot
  • Go to a strip club… and have sex with a kathoey prostitute (try to avoid this bit if you can, if not, try to enjoy it)
  • Steal a chain smoking monkey from Russian mob members
  • Get mixed up with Interpol
  • Find the missing little brother



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