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The Plunge: 20 (Stripper-Free) Bachelor Party Ideas

The Plunge top 20

The Plunge reckon they have 20 stripper free bucks party ideas in the bag. And looking at the list, they have a whole line up of fun, without a naked woman in site.

Turns out you can have a great bucks party without the naked female entertainment… who’da thought?

Ideas on the list:

1. Hunt.
2. Play poker.
3. Camp.
4. Golf.
5. Taste whiskey.
6. Take a road trip.
7. Herd cattle.
8. Kill each other.
9. Ski.
10. Rent a beach house.
11. Play paintball.
12. Go white water rafting.
13. Fish.
14. Taste cigars.
15. Skydive.
16. Take in a game.
17. Rent dirt bikes.
18. Flee to Mexico.
19. Feast on steak.
20. Anything but this…. (read it at The Plunge’s website!!)

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