Throw a Bob Ross Painting Bucks Party and discover the Joy of Bucks Parties

Crave reckon they don’t get to too many parties, but they reckon this guy is on a winner, and we tend to agree with them. So get planning and throw the man of the moment a Bob Ross Painting Bucks Party.

Spread some joy with a Bob Ross Painting Bucks Party (source flickr / Connie Ma)
Spread some joy with a Bob Ross Painting Bucks Party (source flickr / Connie Ma)

So, get the lads together and help the Bob Ross genius live on by making the world a better place with a simple paintbrush and a blank canvas.

And that’s exactly what happened to the fella in this story. His mates thought it would be a great idea to throw him a Bob Ross themed party for his birthday, and it turns out they were right. He loved it. Check out his tweet gushing love and adoration for his party planning mates.

The beauty of a Bob Ross Painting Bucks Party is in its simplicity

To organise this a Bob Ross Painting Bucks Party, you only need three things:

  1. A bunch of art stuff from your local art store
  2. A Bob Ross instructional video
  3. A killer Bob Ross outfit for the buck

Art supplies that are quintessentially Bob

Head on out and grab canvasses, paints, paint brushes plastic sheets, plastic cups and anything else you need to paint. We’re no Picasso, so we reckon you should ask one of the serving staff at the art store what you’ll need.

To be completely authentic though, be sure to to get paint in cadmium yellow, phthalo blue, sap green, midnight black, alizarin crimson, titanium white, and van dyke brown. Make Bob proud.

Bob Ross instructional video

Luckily, there’s a dedicated Bob Ross YouTube channel where you can choose from more Bob Ross instructional videos than you can poke a stick at. Make sure you have a big screen TV so you experience Bob in all of his life-size glory… it’ll be like he’s right there at the Bucks Party with you giving personal tuition.

Get the Bob Ross look

To pull off Bob Ross’s awesome look, you’ll need to scrounge up a few simple items:

  • Light blue long sleeve dress shirt, sleeves roll up and the top two buttons undone.
  • Dark Blue Jeans. Tight.
  • Black belt.
  • Brown frizzy fro hair and a full trimmed beard with integrated moustache.
  • Art pallet with several different colors of paint and a paint brush. (Note: Make sure to paint your pallet several days before hand so the paint has time to dry)

And while you’re at it, get the Bob Ross Painting Bucks Party theme flowing

To make the buck authentically Bob, he’ll need some phrases which can only be uttered in his best soft-spoken Bob-Ross-esque voice. Invest a bit of time, write some killer phrases in a phrase book and give them to the buck with his costume… and make sure the buck practices them.

Buzzfeed has kindly collated a youtube clip with some of Bob’s sexiest words.

Set some Bob themed drinking games and challenges

What’s that, the buck doesn’t want to practice his Bob Ross phrases, well then set him some Bob Ross Painting Bucks Party challenges.

We hear that the ladies can hardly resist the sweet joy that Bob’s words bring… Set the challenge for the Buck to score some phone numbers or maybe get featured in a SnapChat pic with the lovely lady. If he bombs out, he drinks, if Bob’s sweet sweet words hit the spot, then the crew drinks.

While we’re on the topic of drinking, there’s some pretty good drinking games to get the Bob Ross Painting Bucks Party going. The lads at Reddit detail one where the crew drinks whenever Bob:

  • Says a phrase like “Happy little”, “Van Dyke Brown”, “beat the devil out of it”, “happy little accident” or says something “lives”
  • Draws a tree, a mountain or a bird
  • Washes his brush or makes a sexual inuendo
  • Tells a personal story, or a story about an animal

Possibilities are endless, just like the joy that Bob’s painting brings.

And don’t forget the memento

The beautiful artwork you create makes the perfect memento for the Buck to remember his awesome Bob Ross Painting Bucks Party. Make sure he keeps it and hangs it in pride of place in his new abode with his wife to be. She’ll love it.

Make sure the buck hangs the beautiful Bob Ross Painting Bucks Party artwork somewhere he, and his wife, will see it daily (source flickr / Connie Ma)
Make sure the buck hangs the beautiful Bob Ross Painting Bucks Party artwork somewhere he, and his wife, will see it daily (source flickr / Connie Ma)

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