Get the important info across with a Tittygram invite

You want an invite that’s draws the eyes of the party goers, one that leaves a lasting impression so that the upcoming bucks party is always on their mind. Enter the Tittygram invite.

Tittygram... will help draw the eye to the important upcoming event and time.
Tittygram… will help draw the eye to the important upcoming event and time.

Their mantra is simple… “Our boobs, your message”. Clean. Simple. Uncomplicated.

A Tittygram invite delivers your message on one the breasts of one of their models. You can get the traditional pic or, for just a bit more investment you can get yourself a high resolution video.

The biggest problems you’ll have is to work out your model, decide if the boobs or booty will be the canvas, and the important message to be delivered.

Once you have the pic or video, you can do with it what you will to get it out to the boys. Email, SMS or even old skool postage all work well. Set up a blog and make it your header image.

As with anything to do with the upcoming bucks party bash, think carefully about how the party goers and the buck’s fiancee might react to receiving a Tittygram. If you think it will flop, don’t put your  message on these perky pointers.

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