Chip in: Twisted Riedel wine decanter for a twisted buck

If your buck is the kind of guy that loves a wine, a bit of a wine connoisseur if you will, then he probably appreciates the taste improvement that decanting offers over drinking straight from the bottle… with a straw. And if he’s got a bit of a deviant twist to his personality, then he’ll probably also appreciate a twisted Riedel wine decanter.

Get the buck’s party crew to chip in to split the cost and give the buck a gift that’ll bring back the joys of his bucks party every time he enjoys his favourite drop.

Riedel wine decanter

Riedel Curly Decanter

Riedel Curly Decanter
Twisted Riedel wine decanter – Riedel Curly Decanter

The coils and curvature of this twisted Riedel wine decanter help to “charge” and aerate wine, and is apparently particularly effective for younger wines. The twists of the decanter form a soft and playful spiral, with a closed “tail end” and wider spout for easy pouring. It’s a good entry point decanter for the buck who wants to look like he knows what he’s doing.

Buy online for AUD$399.95

Riedel Boa Decanter

Riedel Boa Decanter
Twisted Riedel wine decanter – Riedel Boa Decanter

This sleek, elegant serpentine inspired twisted Riedel wine decanter takes their vessels in a new design direction. Maybe your buck was born in the year of the snake (1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001…), which inspired Riedel’s design for this twisted decanter, or he keeps a big ass python in his apartment – the one his wife to be is secretly planning to get rid of after he says “I do”. In either case this snake inspired decanter offers a twist any slithering reptile fan will love.

Buy online for AUD$799.95

Riedel Horn Decanter

Twisted Riedel wine decanter – Riedel Horn Decanter

In homage to the Riedel family’s central European heritage in Austria and Bohemia, the Horn decanter was inspired by the iconic insignia that symbolises the Austrian Post’s mail delivery system. But for some reason we think of Viking voyages across the seas when we look at it.

Buy online for AUD$1000

Reidel Mamba Double Magnum Decanter

Twisted Riedel wine decanter – Mamba Double Magnum Decanter

This one is a real investment piece for the buck who invests in his wines. It might also for the buck who likes to drink more than just a drop in one sitting as it holds up to three litres. The Mamba Double Magnum decanter mark’s two important milestones for Riedel Glassware – the 260th anniversary of Riedel Glassware and 200 years since the birth of Josef Riedel the Elder, sixth generation, who was named the “Glass King of the Jizera Mountains”. So why not jump on the band wagon and add the monumental buck’s party to the events this twisted Riedel wine decanter marks.

Buy online for AUD$3,000

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