Where to aim for the bucks party budget

The budget. Probably one of the hardest things to work out, but one of the most important things to get right. Shoot too low, and you might miss the mark on what the buck and the party-goers expect. Blow the budget, and some people will be forced to opt out or will feel the burn of the pre-nuptual celebration.

Work with everyone invited to the buck's party to land on a budget that works for as many people as possible.
Work with everyone invited to the buck’s party to land on a budget that works for as many people as possible.

So, what’s the trend for setting the budget?

Well, according to the US based abc.com, budgets are on the up and up as parties are becoming mini vacations that rival the honeymoon. Party-goers are spending big on flights, accommodation and activities that are part of extravagant and over the top celebrations.

Spending well over $1000 is not unusual, with an increasing number costing each person several thousand dollars.

Why this trend? While we’re sure that the Hang Over movies have been a major factor – cough cough – it seems that since the average age to get marriage is increasing, so are the financial means of the bride and groom and their friends. Men are on average 31 years old and in better paying jobs than past in generations where people were in their early twenty-somethings and saying I-do.

While a night at the pub sinking beers with the boys is still popular, bucks parties are headed to pubs in exotic locations and topping and tailing with a range of activities, adventures and experiences.

But if you’re the ┬ábest man charged with planning the buck’s party, just remember that wedding season still exists for us all. Even if we’re in our thirties with some extra dosh in our pockets, likelihood is that we’ll have another couple of weddings to navigate over a similar period of time. Make sure you woeful with everyone that’ll be invited to the buck’s party to land on a budget where as many of the buck’s mates can come along as possible and he’s given a night to remember.





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