YouTube bucks party fun #1 Drinking, dresses and extreme sports

YouTube is like a real life Truman show… mobile phones, professional shoots and seedy webcams capture every aspect of human existance and broadcasts it out to the world. So let’s have a look at some YouTube bucks party fun immortalised on film.

Hi,  I’m Ben and this is my bucks party

A video autobiography of Ben and his bucks party, an account choreographed by beer consumption. Ben’s bucks party crew came up with a great way to keep tabs on the buck’s party fun as they sunk beers all night long. As the bucks party goes on the beers flow, outfits turn orange, a capella harmonies break out, drinking partners become more random and some amazing moves are broken out on the dance floor.

Roadside abduction bucks party fun

Let the fun begin in the most unexpected way possible and abduct the buck and drag him off to the bucks party fun and shenanigans. Just like this bucks party crew, use covert ops to stalk the target, high tech devices track and capture every moment and execute the abduction grab with surgeon like precision. I actually think this shatch-n-grab was planned and executed by a gun SEAL team…

Dude looks like a lady YouTube bucks party fun

Men like to dress like ladies… or at least they like to dress the buck like a lady and drag him to all the best watering holes around town. It’s just what mates do. And when you put the bucks party vision to the ‘Dude looks like a lady’ tune, you have a video worthy of a YouTube bucks party fun upload.

Bucks party parkour

Lets just say you’ve never seen parkour skills like these. I can see why they waited till the bucks party to capture and release this YouTube bucks party fun to the world. Makes me think, if the buck has an amazing skill… or not… get it on film and share it with the world.

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