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It’s a pretty simple concept really, suspend one rubber ball inside another rubber ball using a load of rubber bands, put it at the top of a hill, slip a couple of thrill-seekers inside and push it down the hill. Whammo, you have a new adrenalin packed sport!

Zorbing - a great bucks party idea / Source: Rodw from Wikimedia Commons
Zorbing - a bucks party idea. Get the boys together and jump in a ball and roll the day away / Source: Rodw from Wikimedia Commons

Who knows where the idea came from (I know, I could use Google, but I figure someone’s gonna post a comment letting us all know), but I image its origins are somewhere in the crazy kids rolling down hills in tractor tyres looking for something with a few less injuries… and guess what, they found it!

First up, when you enter the world of Zorbing, you’re no longer just an ordinary bucks party. You become a ZORBONAUTS. That’s the name those in the ZORBIVERSE give to those that dare to zorb.

So, what’s it like?? The best way to describe it is like the average man’s sex life. You start by squeezing into a tight, lubed up hole, then once inside, the action might last for less than a minute, but it’s a damn pleasurable minute!!

You can do a do a harness ride where you’re strapped in using a harness, or a hydro ride where you’re not strapped in and you slip-slide around in a pool of water as you hurtle down the hill.

And rumour has it they’ll go the extra mile for bucks parties. If you ask really nicely, they’ll let you replace the water in the Hydro ride with beer, wine, spirits or bubble bath. Don’t worry, if you’re a cheap-ass and don’t want to fork out a whole carton of beer to fill up the zorb ball, you can just empty in a couple if tinnies and add some water – the buck will still come out smelling like the overflow tray under a beer tap.

And it goes without saying they’re happy to keep the bucks in zorberspace until he gets Zorbal sickness. And there’s a stack of tracks you can ride like the straight track, zig-zag or zipper and you can do them all with one, two or three zorbonauts on board.

Zorbing is good in pretty much any weather conditions, but if it gets really windy, they might call it off because of concerns you might end up like the little kid’s balloon that you see flying across the sky.

Any restrictions?? Well, like any respectable profession that ends with ‘onaut’ you have to have a certain level of physical fitness. After all, we can’t send you off into the zorbiverse unless you body can handle the zorbforces.

So, if you’re a real fat-ass, you might have a problem. First up you have to slip through what can only be described as a ‘birthing canal’ that’s about a foot-an-a-half wide, to get inside the Zorb Ball. Once in there, most places reckon you have to be less 110kg to have a harness ride or 120kg to do the Hydro ride, or less than 210kg combined weight if you feel like getting up-close and personal with a mate.

I feel exzorbsted now…


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